Doreen and Chris

Doreen and Chris

Doreen and Chris are quite the couple. They met me while I was shooting a wedding last year (you may remember Danielle and Dan). Doreen was very impressed with the work that I did for Danielle and Dan, and she was very much hoping that I could be part of her day as well. To make sure this would happen, I believe Doreen booked her photographer and her wedding planner (Emilie of Flawless Expressions) within days and before anything else was really sorted. To say the least, I was flattered.

When the day finally came, everything went off just right. A great Edmonton summer day. A cozy ceremony with family and friends, a great meal, and many laughs through the night. If you want to see what happened from just before Doreen was coming down the aisle to just after the last words of Chris’s speech, click here (after you get the password).

If you were there and you want to be able to share your pictures easily as well, click here

Finally, if Doreen and Chris get more than 50 shares or comments on this post or gallery, they will win a free print! So help them out!

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