Million Dollar Spires

Almost two years ago exactly, I had the privilege of doing a newborn session with the Spires family in their north Edmonton home. That session was a bit of a challenge. The little miss wasn’t feeling it that day, but despite that, we managed to get some pretty cute pictures. Fast forward a couple of years and I was called back to the Spires home (this time after being rescheduled due to a slight logistical issue) for part two. Unlike his sister, this little man was very mellow and we had a great session. At the end, we even got big sister into the session and the two of them are almost cuter than a whole factory of buttons! A million dollar family to be sure! If you want to see what I mean, get the password from Mom or Dad (the same for both galleries), and click here.

Christian’s Baptism

A word of mouth referral is a great complement. But when it’s to capture something as significant to a family as a baptism, that’s a special honour. That’s what happened when the Adatias passed on the names of Angilynn and Robert to me. Angilynn grew up here in Edmonton, and came home (from the Cayman Islands – so this was somewhat of a reverse destination shoot for me!) to have her son baptized. Perhaps adding some special significance to the ceremony, it was the final service for the pastor as well. In a beautiful ceremony, Christian was taken through the rights and rituals and as I write this, is heading back home to the sun and sand of the Caribbean. You’ll need to contact Angilynn to get the password for the gallery, but when you do, click here and you can see the ceremony for yourself.

Adatias in December

You might remember this family from earlier in the year. They were one of my first sessions in 2014, and now they are one of my last. But this time, instead of taking pictures on a train moving from one part of Edmonton to another, we took pictures at their beautiful new home. We also had the whole family there this time with both sets of grandparents. If you want to see the smiles that we got this time, click here after getting the password from Taizeel.