Adatia’s at the library

We’ve seen this little family grow over the past few years all around Edmonton at at their home. This time around, we went out to the library and took some family photos there. I must admit that it was a place I never would have thought to take photos, especially with a little one. But with no fussing, everyone made it through and came away enlightened. If you want to see some of the shenanigans that these three got up to (all library safe of course), click here. There is a password, so you’ll have to get that before you can get in.

It’s official! Sheral and Mehul

After Mehul asked the question on the sands of Puerto Vallarta earlier this year, it’s been just a matter of time before the official engagement ceremony to take place. With friends, family, and more family all around, Mehul bent his knee and once again asked in front of everyone present and Sheral accepted. If you want to see some of the scenes from that evening, or if you were there and want your picture with the happy couple, click here.

Million Dollar Family

I’ve known Dan and Danielle for many years now, so when they came around asking if I was free for some fall photos, I made sure that I was available. With a young family, the location was important, so we went off to one of my favourite places in the river valley. With the leaves starting to turn just slightly, it was a great late summer day for photos. So with my trusty assistant in tow, we took a little tour around the trees, trails, and playground by Kinsmen Sport Center in Edmonton. I you want to see the smiles that were generated that afternoon, ask Dan or Danielle for the password, and then click here.

A New Patel!

Well, he was a long time coming, but Aadi is here and he’s all of three days old when I took these pictures. So if you are viewing them after Saturday evening, he’s already changed! Ah newborns, that’s why you take photos eh? If you want to see this cute bundle of joy, get the password from the parents and click here.