A New Patel!

Well, he was a long time coming, but Aadi is here and he’s all of three days old when I took these pictures. So if you are viewing them after Saturday evening, he’s already changed! Ah newborns, that’s why you take photos eh? If you want to see this cute bundle of joy, get the password from the parents and click here.

Palmers on the river

I met up with the Palmers earlier this month, just before the trees really started to try to change color around the Edmonton area. With the family wanting photos against the green scenery, I figured the river would be the best location to get as much green as possible. As it turns out, I was right, and there was barely a yellow leaf to be seen. With the time we had, each of the kids, and even the parents managed to get some really nice shots. If you want to see, get the password and then click here.

Sophie’s One!

Little Miss Sophie was just a little bundle when I met her last in Sherwood Park. With a little bonnet and a sweet smile, she made some very cute photos. Now a year on (with some scheduling difficulties), she’s back! Now running and exploring, she’s just as capable of being cute as ever before. Together with Mom and Grandma, we spent an hour out at the park taking pictures. As we dodged the weddings and pesky bugs, we managed to get some adorable photos. If you want to take a look, click here. You’ll have to get the password from Amanda

Patel Shrimant

Culture is about tradition, and of all the colorful traditions that hail from India, one of the most interesting is the shrimant. There are many stories as to why this ceremony is done, and what is to be included; there is however always food, fun, and family. This was certainly the case with Shetal and Jaimini’s event last month here in Edmonton. Held at the Summerside Beach House, family from across Alberta came to celebrate the pending arrival of a new addition to the Patel family. If you want to see it again, or see what you missed, click here.